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The HTR Google Group serves as Her Talk Radioís interactive newsletter. When you join youíll receive the following:


        Website News, Announcements and Events.

        Radio Show Changes, Guest Appearances


        Motivational Boosters

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Those who join will always be notified first of any upcoming activities, events or changes in our radio program.


Things you should NOT worry about when you join:


        SPAM- We donít like SPAM nor do we deliver it!


        Email Privacy- We do not sell or share emails to any other parties.

We value the trust of all of our members!

        Multi-Mailings-We do not overcrowd your inbox with unnecessary

emails. The most we will deliver is two times a month with the exception of emergency notices.








We are looking forward to communicating with you via our google group. But before this can happen you must sign up with us first. When you sign up you are giving us permission to add you to our google group mailing list. Once your information has been received then youíll be placed on our mailing list and able to receive information for our group.


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