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Have a 911 what to do email, a burning question, a hot topic

or just in need of some advice?


If so, feel free to submit your 911 emails to HTR today!

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How does this work?

The host of HTR will read selective emails from the 911email bag; then invite the listening audience to weigh in with their opinions and comments. Participants can take a survey, a poll or call our hot line to give their thoughts, advice or suggestions.


What’s the purpose?

HTR does not want one more woman to feel as if she’s alone dealing with difficult or challenging moments. Her talk radio is here for you! We are here to give you support, resources and information, not to mention also ask the tough questions that we as women at times, are afraid to ask ourselves! We are here to give you support and to help unlock, unleash and uncover greatness that lies within you!


Submit your 911 emails to HTR today!

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Her Talk Radio is an as is informational, educational and entertainment program for women. The opinions or suggestions expressed here on Her Talk Radio, is solely the opinions of the participants and is not in any part in any shape or form a representation of (HTR) Her Talk Radio.


Her Talk Radio Bares No Responsibility for any comments posted on our website or on any other HTR or Her Talk Radio affiliates, networks or forums.


For more information on HTR terms and conditions please read our disclaimer clause click here.


Emails from each show will be posted here!


This month we have two emails that need your attention. Please take a few minutes to read the short version of each email posted below then weigh in with your comments, advice or suggestions.


Email #1 | Email #2 | Email #3 | Email #4 Email Question #1?

The following 911 help me question was sent in by Beverly from Houston. Ladies Beverly needs your input.


Email No.1 Break Down:

Coach Amy,


I just had a baby girl. I love being home with my daughter but I am finding it difficult staying at home. I was wondering if this is normal?


This email will be addressed on the next HTR podcast. Email Question #2?



Email No.2 Break Down: Email Question #3?


This could be your email! Email Question #4?

This could be your email!




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