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H E R T A L K R A D I O ‘ S M I S S I O N



Our mission is to provide

a sounding board for all women who are in need of

encouragement and empowerment to help

unlock, unleash and uncover

greatness that lies within each of us.

Her Talk Radio is here for women to share their

thoughts, find their strengths

and obtain solutions!




Inspiring the Woman Within.”





What is Her Talk Radio?

Her Talk Radio is not a “ME” show it’s a “WE” show, an on demand internet radio program for women who want to share their thoughts, find their strengths and obtain solutions. HTR was created to help bring women together so that we can learn and grow from one another’s life experiences.


What’s the purpose of Her Talk Radio?


“No woman should feel as if she’s alone dealing with

difficult or challenging moments.”


The purpose of Her Talk Radio is to give women support, resources and information not to mention ask the tough questions that we as women are afraid to ask of ourselves! We are here to help unlock, unleash and uncover greatness that lies within each and every woman that listens to Her Talk Radio!



How can I get involved?

If you have a 911 help me question or a hot topic that you would like HTR to weigh in on or maybe you’re in need of some helpful advice or feedbacks call our Hot Line or submit an email here at our website.


Also feel free to participate in our HTR Monthly Poll, Surveys or Q and A Blog.


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We hope that you’ll join us in great discussions, get inspired and empowered to achieve your dreams and accomplish your goals!


We look forward to networking with you!





Her Talk Radio is an as is informational, educational and entertainment program for women. The opinions or suggestions expressed here on Her Talk Radio, is solely the opinions of the participants and is not in any part in any shape or form a representation of (HTR) Her Talk Radio.


Her Talk Radio will NOT be held accountable for any comments posted on our website or on any other Her Talk Radio affiliates, networks or forums.


For more information on HTR terms and conditions please read our disclaimer clause click here.

Each show is produce and delivered bi-weekly. If you missed a show don’t fret you’ll be able to listen to our show whenever you like by visiting our audio archives.


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Personal Life Motivational Coach: Coach Amy Renee


Picture coming soon!

Her Talk Radio Host, Coach Amy Renee, is a wife, mother, a writer, entrepreneur, product developer, home-school educator and a personal life motivational coach. She comes to HTR with 22 years of marital experience, 19 years of parenting experience, over 26 years of computer and desktop publishing experience and 20 years of web development and business skills. Amy teaches those around her that you can transform challenges into choices, obstacles into opportunities and tragedies into triumphs.

Amy’s greatest joys and accomplishments is being an at-home mother of three beautiful children, being a wife to the most wonderful husband and lastly, helping others to find their passions in life!


Amy’s Professional Background at a glance:



  • Founder and Creator of Her Talk
  • Founder and Creator of I Can
  • Founder and Creator of Her
  • Founder and Creator of Her
  • Certified Nutrition & Wellness Coach
  • Home-School Educator
  • Motivational Speaker
  • A Writer
  • Product Developer
  • Over 26 years of computer and desktop publishing experience.
  • 20 years of web development and business skills.
  • CoachVille Member.
  • Lifetime Member of the Graduate School of Coaching..
  • Lifetime Member of SOC.
  • Lifetime Member of the School of Personal Development.
  • A Founding Member of IAC- International Association of Coaches.


Coach Amy Renee holds several coaching licenses

in the following programs that she can teach to others


·         Extreme Self-Care

·         Personal Foundation

·         Toleration Free Zone

·         Perfect Person Program

·         Integrity Day Program (we refer to it as our Wonder Woman Zap it Day)

·         Personal Evolution

·         Simplicity Program

·         For The Rest Of Your Life Program

·         Absence Of Program

·         Attraction Program




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